• Yanwen Jiang, PhD


I am a joint postdoctoral fellow of Drs. Ari Melnick and Olivier Elemento.

I received my Ph.D. degree from the Committee on Cancer Biology at the University of Chicago. During my Ph.D., I trained in Dr. Michelle Le Beau's laboratory to study the mechanisms of genetic instability at common fragile sites. I demonstrated that histone hypoacetylation is a common characteristics of fragile sites, and compact chromatin conformation within fragile sites affect the genetic stability of common fragile sites potentially through defect response to DNA replication stress.

Currently at Dr. Melnick's lab, I am interested in applying high-throughput genome wide technologies, such as microarray and next generation sequencing, in combination with bioinformatics tools to study the transcription regulation networks in normal germinal center B cells and in diffuse large B cell lymphoma cells.