• Patrizia Mondello, MD, PhD

    Post-Doctoral Fellow

I studied Medicine at the University of Messina in Italy. After graduating with a doctoral thesis on Primary CNS Lymphoma, I started clinical training in the department of Clinical Oncology at the University of Messina and soon developed a particular interest in B-cell lymphomas.

My research training started in the laboratory of Dr. Anas Younes at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, where I spent three years as postdoctoral fellow developing novel treatments for lymphoid malignancies. I joined the laboratory of Dr. Ari Melnick in 2016 with the desire to dive much deeper into basic mechanistic research, in particular with a focus on transcription and epigenetics. I am currently working on two projects in the Melnick lab, both related to epigenetic regulation of gene enhancers in B-cells. In the first, I am dissecting out the relative contribution of different KDM5 family histone demethylases. In the second project, I am exploring the role of HDAC3 in repressing enhancers of genes involved in antigen presentation.