• Meng Li, PhD

    Post-Doctoral Fellow

I received my Ph.D. degree from Shanghai Institutes for Biological Sciences in China. During my Ph.D., I was trained in Dr. Lin Li's laboratory to study Wnt signaling pathway. I worked on a couple of different projects previously on the mechanisms of signals transduction in cells, specifically how protein-interaction or modification works in mediating signals in cells. I am also interested in how cells program their fate genetically and epigenetically by regulating gene expression during development, in specific niches or in response to various stimuli.

Currently at Dr. Melnick's lab, I am studying genes functions in germinal center B cells or lymphoma cells. We try to understand how lymphoma propagates in patients germinal center through different angles of transcriptome, epigenome, proteome and metabolome. We hope to integrate them together to understand lymphoma even more comprehensively and precisely towards a cure. On the other hand, I am also working on setup methods for single-cell epigenomics analysis.