• Leandro Venturutti

    Post-Doctoral Fellow

I obtained my degree in Biotechnology and Molecular Genetics from the National University of Quilmes in 2010 (summa cum laude). As an undergraduate I worked in Dr Javier Santos¹ Lab, where I carried biophysical studies on the folding and oligomerization of mitochondrial proteins. In 2011 I joined Dr Patricia Elizalde¹s Lab to work on the role of microRNA in the metastatic dissemination and resistance to therapies in breast cancer. I got my PhD in Biological Chemistry from the University of Buenos Aires.

I joined Dr. Ari Melnick¹s Lab in 2016. My research focuses on dissecting the impact and mechanisms of action of mutations found in B-cell lymphoma patients, particularly those affecting epigenetic regulating complexes. I am currently a Career Development Fellow from the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society.