• Katerina Chatzi, PhD

    Post-Doctoral Fellow

BCL6 is a transcription factor expressed in the germinal center stage of B cell development that is deregulated in diffuse large B cell lymphoma (DLBCL) cells. I am interested in elucidating the mechanisms that BCL6 transcription factor employs to mediate repression of its target genes. BCL6 is known to recruit different corepressors thereby assembling distinct repression complexes to mediate gene repression. I am currently studying how the assembly of BCL6 repression complexes establishes gene silencing by remodeling the chromatin structure of BCL6 targeted genes in normal and lymphoma B cells. To study these transcriptional mechanisms we are performing high throughput chromatin immunoprecipitation assays (ChIP on chip, ChIPseq), RNA interference systems and other biochemical and functional assays of the BCL6 complex.